Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Pedro Martinez Foresaw Red Sox Resurgence

(FenwayNation Photo)
Maybe we should call him 'Nostradamus' Martinez. A little over a year ago (September 23, 2012), as the Good Ship Carmine Hose was sinking fast under Captain Bobby V., Pedro Martinez had a prescription for revival: "This team, all they have to do is fix their character, come back next year and think that anything is possible, and start nice and fresh." Voila! Ben Cherington and his minions apparently took Pedro's advice, upgraded the "Good Guy" quotient (along with some better talent) and the rest is 'playoff juggernaut' history. Martinez went on to say, "Hopefully, management will make the adjustments they need to make, work on the character of the team a little bit more. I think the talent is basically there. They need to just work all together, pulling toward the same side and focus on it. I think it's achievable." Hey, Pedro, buddy, any suggestions for numbers to pick in the next PowerBall drawing?