Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Interleague 'Plague' Is Impacting Pennant Races

Getty Images
Now that Bud Selig has solved the PED crisis in baseball (insert heavy sarcasm here), he should move on to the next big achievement of his Commissioner-ship—making the National League adopt the DH. Face it, the players union will never allow the abolition of the DH, so the only fair thing to do is make it universal. Speaking of fairness, why should the Red Sox have to play two games at the Denver launching pad in a late September pennant race without a DH? For that matter, why should the Tigers have to finish up their season with three games in Miami without Victor Martinez? It's just plain dumb and puts AL teams at a distinct disadvantage at the worst possible time. Wake up, Bud! Read you email! Oh, right, you don't have email.