Tuesday, August 20, 2013

MLB Calls A-Rod's Bluff: Release All Information

If he doesn't watch out, Bud Selig may soon be referred to as 'Don Selig'. Demonstrating the latest in their array of ruthless tactics, MLB has called the bluff of Alex Rodriguez's legal team by sandbagging them on national television. The TODAY Show's Matt Lauer (who, by the way, we think was a lightweight for the Boston TV market) read a letter from MLB Executive VP Rob Manfred offering to meet the demands of the A-Fraud team—and even go a little further. The letter offered to make public all of The Fraudulent One's drug-testing information and "all documents, records, communications, text messages, and instant messages relating to Rodriguez's treatment by Anthony Bosch." A-Rod's lawyer, Joe Tacopina, responded in true Ralph Cramden fashion: "Humunah Humunah Humunah". Actually what Tacopina said was, "Listen, we would love nothing more than to be able to discuss the testing history, the scientific evidence and the tests of Alex Rodriguez under this JDA drug program, nothing more." Like we said, "Humunah Humunah Humunah". Nice job, Don Selig.