Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fenway Ennui—Why Are Sox Fans So Bored?

Fenway Ennui?
John Tomase of The Boston Herald raises an interesting question. If the first-place Red Sox are such a hot ticket—with their Idiots II demeanor and 20-last-at-bat wins—how come they can't sell out Fenway Park on a late August night against a division rival? Yesterday's thrilling 4-3 comeback win drew just 31,962 (5,531 below the 37,493 capacity) in what was a relatively zippy three hour contest. And yet, people were leaving the 101-year old facility as the eight-inning rally began. What's going on here? Have we become such a PinkHatNation that we're jaded about success as long as we can guzzle two watered-down beers at a time? Or, are we still turned off by Black September 2011 and the Bobby V. Interregnum? Either way, fans seem more interested in doing the moronic wave and babbling Sweet Caroline than being genuinely into the most intriguing Red Sox team in years. Go figure.