Monday, August 12, 2013

Ex-Sox Jack Clark Fired For Pujols PED Charge

Getty Images
Former Red Sox DH Jack Clark (1991-2) was fired from his radio gig after alleging that Albert Pujols used illegal performance-enhancing drugs in the past. Clark's exact words on the air were: "I know for a fact he [Pujols] was [on PEDs]. The trainer that worked with him, threw him batting practice from Kansas City, that worked him out every day, basically told me that's what he did." Both Pujols and the trainer in question vehemently denied the charges, and the Angels superstar is threatening a lawsuit against Clark and the radio station. Said the former NL MVP: "I've said time and time again that I would never take, or even consider taking, anything illegal. I've been tested hundreds of times throughout my career and never once have I tested positive. It is irresponsible and reckless for Jack Clark to have falsely accused me of using PEDs."