Friday, August 2, 2013

Clay Buchholz Tells The Nation: 'I'm Not Soft!'

Seeking Aggressive Crow Hop
Approaching his second month of not pitching in anger, Clay Buchholz wants you to know he's not soft. The tall righty is bristling at the idea that some of you in The Nation question his toughness. Said Clay yesterday, "People are saying I'm weak. I want to be out there. I was having the best year of my baseball career." True enough. He was 9-0 with a 1.71 ERA when he first went down due to what he said was soreness from his infant sleeping funnily on him. That morphed into neck issues, then bursa sac problems, and now—who knows? Today, Buchholz is scheduled to throw off "flat ground" again. If that goes well, Clay tells us, "...that's when I can start getting off the mound." We'll know if that's happening today if—as John Farrel says—we see an "aggressive crow hop" in him. Huh? Just wake us up when he makes his next start—otherwise, shut up!