Thursday, July 18, 2013

Clay Buchholz Misses Another Rehab Milestone

Clay Has 'Plateaued'
Stop us if you've heard this before: Clay Buchholz hit another "bump in the road" in his rehab from neck/shoulder "soreness". The righty was supposed to have thrown a bullpen session today. Do you think he actually threw it? Correctimundo! He did not. Why? Let's ask manager John Farrell: "As optimistic as we were on this past road trip, particularly coming out of his work sessions in Seattle, where it felt like he was really turning a corner, he’s still got some lingering soreness in there. Through treatment, through some medication, letting that take hold over these past few days, that re-exam will be done [Friday] and hopefully that throwing program will start back up either [Friday] or Saturday." Thanks for clearing that up, John. Bottom line? Don't count on Buchholz pitching again in 2013. And look for Matt Garza or Bud Norris or maybe even Cliff Lee at the deadline.