Monday, May 20, 2013

Tweedledum Steinbrenner: Tickets 'Affordable'

'Tweedledum' And Yankee Fan
I have to admit, I never remember which Steinbrenner offspring is Tweedledum and which is Tweedledee. Frankly, who cares? Anyway, one of them (I think it was Hal Steinbrenner—AKA 'Tweedledum') actually said the following about ridiculously high Yankee ticket prices: "You hear about that in the media. You don’t hear that there are thousands and thousands of affordable seats in the $25 range for every game, not to mention the specials that we do, that we used to do at the old stadium. We have done every year. It is nothing new. We want to make sure that everyone that comes out here to see a Yankee game can get here and see one. There are plenty opportunities." So, get with it, Yankee fans! Go to StubHub and get your butt into a $25-seat—which happens to be in a different Bronx zip code from the one at home plate. This guy makes John Henry look like Bob Kraft.