Friday, May 17, 2013

MLB Poised To Greatly Expand Replay Next Year

Your Baseball (Near) Future
Bud Selig and Joe Torre and starting to prepare everyone for one of the biggest changes in MLB history. It's increasingly clear that a significantly expanded replay system will be in place in 2014—potentially reviewing all calls other than balls and strikes. This revolutionary move represents a major reversal by the Commissioner who has previously insisted on 19-century technology for a 21st-century game. Fair/foul calls and trapped catches will—at a minimum—be added. Even safe/out calls on the bases are currently on the table for consideration. The league is considering cutting-edge technologies currently being used in other sports—like the Hawk-Eye animation system and the TrackMan radar software. They are also considering using the NHL model of a central replay location. In any event, get ready for a very different brand of baseball in 2014.