Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sox Lose Game And May Also Lose Lackey

AP Photo/The Canadian Press
The Red Sox lost a game today, but may also have lost John Lackey to injury. Lackey left the game in the fifth inning with an apparent right biceps strain—although the severity of the injury is unknown at this time. Other than yielding a two-run home run, Lackey had pitched very well to that point—striking out eight and showing some good velocity. One pitch before he had to leave, he showed some discomfort and was shaking his right arm. The Red Sox got a double from Jacoby Ellsbury to lead off the game, then were skunked until Dustin Pedroia got a hit in the ninth. Alfredo Aceves, assuring he will not get the fifth starter spot, coughed up a three-run home run to Colby Rasmus to account for the final 5-0 score. All in all, a crappy day north of the border.