Tuesday, April 2, 2013

'Joba The Mutt' Chamberlain Lives Up To Name

Hopefully, your kids didn't have to see it. The scariest thing about yesterday's Opening Day at Yankee Stadium was not when Dustin Pedroia jammed his thumb diving head-first into the first-base bag in an 8-2 game. No, it was instead the growth that appeared on the upper lip of one Joba Chamberlain—infamous relief pitcher of the Evil Ones (see pic). Appropriate for a '70s porn star or an upper midwestern mass murderer, the "thing" was an embarrassing exclamation point on Joba's otherwise embarrassing ninth-inning outing. So, this is acceptable facial hair according to the fascist Yankee dress code? In the words of the late, great Phil Rizzuto, "Holy Cow!"