Monday, April 1, 2013

Come On, Red Sox, You Can Beat These Bozos!

UPDATE: Bradley Batting 8th; Iglesias 9th
We all knew the 2013 version of the Bronx Embalmers would be less than intimidating, but when you actually look at today's Yankee lineup, it is truly astonishing. Does the name Horace Clarke ring a bell? Clarke was a middle infielder on the abysmal 1966 Yankees—although at .266, he was one of their studs. Clarke would fit in just fine with today's crew. I mean, come on—Eduardo Nunez hitting second, Kevin Youkilis clean-up, Vernon Wells fifth!!?? And who exactly is this Ben Francisco guy DH'ing? Oh, the guy who hit .228 at Tampa last year? And Jon Lester better be pitching around Jayson Nix and Francisco Cervelli! Holy Cow! The Evil Ones should seriously consider putting a bat in C.C.'s hands—it couldn't be much worse!