Monday, March 11, 2013

Theo May Be Foisting A Mascot On Cubbie Fans

Maybe we should be re-thinking exactly who was responsible for commissioning the $100,000 'marketing study' for the Red Sox. News from the Windy City is that Theo Epstein has engaged Northwestern University's Kellogg School Of Management to survey fans about how the Cubbies can be more kid-friendly. Among the issues to be addressed by the survey are: kid's batting cages, kid's radar guns, kid-oriented apps for smart phones, a kid's section at Wrigley, a new Cubs song and—of course—a Cubs mascot. Now, this final idea is sure to rankle traditional Cubs fans—since they (along with the Empire, the Dodgers and the Angels) are the only teams without a costumed buffoon. Of course, up until 1997, the Red Sox were mascot-free as well. We can see it now—a female mascot in Chicago named Ivy The Green Wallster.