Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sox Expand Real Estate Empire To Lansdowne

PHOTO: Angela Rowlings
The Red Sox ownership group is involved in so many side ventures, its sometimes hard to remember that they're in the baseball business as well. In yet another non-baseball move, the NOG snapped up a building directly across from the Green Monster on Lansdowne Street for a mere $10.5 million (probably the equivalent of the Liverpool fish and chips budget). The building currently houses a garage, and can be expanded to rise as high as eight stories (from its current two), which would make it twice as high as the Monster. The Sox will not say what they'll use the building for—but it's a wise move, if only for defensive purposes. Kind of like the real estate equivalent of starting Jose Iglesias. One can foresee a number of options—from furthering their parking monopoly around the park to creating "Wrigley-Like" luxury condos overlooking the old girl. They'll think of something. They always do.