Thursday, February 7, 2013

Trivia Answer Brandon Lyon Signs With Mets

Photo By Barry Taylor
When you're trapped indoors this weekend by the Blizzard of '13 (those outside of New England may ignore this reference), you can busy yourself with some Red Sox trivia. For example, who was the key guy (along with Casey Fossum) traded by the Red Sox to get Curt Schilling from Arizona on Thanksgiving 2003? The answer is none other than Brandon Lyon. Today, Lyon was signed to a deal by the New York Mets. So, now you have a follow-up question: 'Whatever happened to Brandon Lyon?'. Lyon was also involved in The Great Trade That Never Was, when—on July 22, 2003—he was shipped to Pittsburgh for Mike Gonzlez and Scott Sauerbeck then on July 31st, shipped back to Boston for Mike Gonzlez and Scott Sauerbeck. This guy is an entire Trivia Show unto himself. Stay Warm (and Classy) New England!