Thursday, February 21, 2013

MLB Tracking A-Fraud's Grand Jury Testimony

'Rehabbing' In New York
As the Biogenesis clinic fiasco swirls around Alex Rodriguez, MLB is quietly looking into The Fraudulent One's involvement in another PED scandal. The New York Daily News is reporting that investigators are looking at A-Rod's testimony in regard to the drug-related prosecution of Toronto physician Anthony Galea. The Canadian physician plead guilty in 2011 to "bringing unapproved drugs, including human growth hormone and Actovegin, into the United States". Earlier reports by The New York Times stated that Galea had injected Rodriguez with "a cocktail of drugs on at least one occasion". Here's the deal. A-Fraud told MLB that he never got PEDs from Galea. But, if Rodriguez testified differently to a grand jury, baseball officials can nail the Yankee third baseman. As we have said on multiple occasions, all of this could not happen to a more deserving guy.