Thursday, February 7, 2013

Lucchino Surprised By Schilling's PED Charge

He's 'shocked, shocked!'
Red Sox CEO Larry Lucchino says he is "surprised" about Curt Schilling's assertion that the pitcher was encouraged by a former person in the Red Sox organization to use PEDs in 2008. While there was initial confusion as to whether Schilling meant a player or someone else in the organization, the Sox post-season hero said in a TWEET, "It wasn't anyone in uniform, nor the baseball ops group". Lucchino commented, "Certainly is something to look into, but it came from out of left field, to use a baseball cliche." You may recall there was a dispute between the team and Schilling as to how to treat his ailing shoulder in 2008. After months of trying the team's 'rest and rehab' approach, Schilling eventually had surgery on the shoulder.