Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Could Hot Bradley Break Camp With Red Sox?

Boston Herald/Matthew West
Something that wasn't even remotely on the radar screen a few days ago is suddenly within the realm of possibility. Specifically, it's the idea that super phenom Jackie Bradley, Jr. might be with the big club at the end of Spring Training. Bradley has done nothing to dissuade John Farrell from making that surprising decision—getting on base five times yesterday with three hits and an RBI. He will lead-off today against the Cardinals and play center field. Said Farrel of the possibility of the kid coming north, "Good question, I guess the best way to answer that is coming into camp, we didn’t have that as a strong possibility. And yet we’re four days into the game schedule. He could still be well-served by getting more at-bats in the minor leagues before he comes up, but again he’s making a very strong impression in camp." Hey, having Bradley on the team would sure sell a lot more tickets.