Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Beneath The Surface Of The Reddick-Bailey Deal

Most of the analysis of the Andrew Bailey-Josh Reddick trade has focused on the two principals in the deal. From that narrow perspective, the deal was a complete disaster for Boston—with Bailey missing four months to injury and performing poorly upon his return. Reddick meanwhile hit 32 homeruns and played stellar defense for the A's in right field. Ryan Sweeney got off to a hot start, then faded and failed to hit even one homerun—albeit delivering solid defense. The MLB Trade Rumors website takes a little deeper look at the transaction by examining the performance of the two prospects the Sox sent to Oakland in the deal—Miles Head and Raul Alcantara. The 21-year old Head (projected as a first or third baseman) had a monster year—hitting .382 with 18 home runs in High A, before coming back to earth in AA. Alacantara (still only 20) was spotty in his Single-A stint—but has a plus fastball (90-95 MPH) and is seen as a solid potential starter down the road. So, while it's easy to look at the surface impact of the deal, it could get much worse for Boston.