Monday, January 7, 2013

Will HOF Vote Result In 'PartyPoopersTown'?

According to multiple exit polls (some already representing nearly 20% of the total vote), there's a good chance that not one single solitary player will be elected to the Baseball Hall Of Fame this year. The last time this happened was 1996. Craig Biggio appears to have the best shot—topping the 70% mark (with at least 75% of the vote needed to get in). Former Red Sox farm-hand Jeff Bagwell and ex-Met Mike Piazza are next in line in the high 60 percent range. According to the polls, both Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds will fail to even break the 50% barrier, and Red Sox World Series hero Curt Schilling looks like he will also fall short in his first bid to enter the Hall (with around 40% of the vote). Historically, these 'exit polls' have proved pretty accurate, but it's hard for us to believe that the dais will be empty on that warm summer day in late July in Cooperstown, NY.