Monday, January 7, 2013

A Day To Remember Tony Conigliaro's Legacy

Tony C.'s 68th Birthday Today
Had he lived, Tony Conigliaro would be 68 years old today. Those of us who watched him play with such youthful exuberance can hardly picture him beyond his twenties. His final, abbreviated year with the Red Sox came when he was thirty—in the championship season of 1975. Looking back on his first four years in the major leagues—ages 19 through 22—gives us a glimpse of what could have been. Tony knocked out 104 home runs in that short span—the quickest in history to 100. His OPS never dropped below .817—not that we knew what the heck that meant in the 1960s. He was just our guy, the kid from Lynn who would make us all proud. And he did. The tragedy that befell him on Friday, August 18, 1967 will never be fully erased from the minds of New England fans. But on this day, let's just remember that shooting star we were privileged to see so many years ago.

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