Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tito On The NOG: 'They Don't Love Baseball'

In case you thought Terry Francona's new book (written with Dan Shaughnessy) would not be explosive, think again. Excerpts from the tome are published in the upcoming issue of Sports Illustrated, with the provocative title, "Too Big To Succeed". Here's the choicest tidbit:

“Our owners in Boston, they’ve been owners for 10 years. They come in with all these ideas about baseball, but I don’t think they love baseball. I think they like baseball. It’s revenue, and I know that’s their right and their interest because they’re owners — and they’re good owners. But they don’t love the game. It’s still more of a toy or a hobby for them. It’s not their blood. They’re going to come in and out of baseball. It’s different for me. Baseball is my life.”