Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A-Fraud's Recovery Could Exceed Six Months

The Fraudulent One
Despite all the happy talk from the Bronx, the actual doctor who will be performing hip surgery on Alex Rodriguez has a much more cautious view of his return date. While the Empire Media Machine estimates a return of The Fraudulent One after the All-Star break, Dr. Bryan Kelly says he won't know how extensive the cartilage damage is until he actually does the operation. Moreover, because of A-Fraud's age and his other surgically-repaired hip, there's no telling when he'll be back to be pinch-hit for in crucial situations. Said Dr. Kelly, "I like to tell people six months is a reasonable time frame for return to play. It would be great if he returns faster. But it's possible it will take longer." But, as Brian Cashman has allegedly said, "The Yankees control the universe".