Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sox 'Weren't Willing' To Meet Cody Ross' Terms

Will Be "Cheerful" In Phoenix
Apparently, the Red Sox were not willing to meet the contract demands of new Arizona Diamondback Cody Ross. The popular outfielder claims that he was not trying to "break the bank", but the Red Sox still refused to sign a player who was—arguably—the most consistent and productive of their lost 2012 season. Ross has since signed with the D'Backs on a relatively modest three-year, $26 million deal. Said Ross, “I don’t know what happened but we could never agree on terms. They thought I’d come back no matter what because they thought I loved playing there. And I did. Who wouldn’t love playing at Fenway Park? I just wanted a fair deal. I told them what I wanted. I wasn’t trying to break the bank. They weren’t willing to do it.” Reportedly, the Red Sox would not go beyond a two-year deal. So, the "cheerful" Cody Ross is long gone.