Sunday, December 23, 2012

Napoli's Hip Could Squirrel Deal With Red Sox

Jim Rogash/Getty Images
The main reason the Red Sox and Mike Napoli have not finalized a deal is a question about the catcher/first baseman/DH's hip. On Monday, it will be three weeks since a reported deal had been struck. But, still no Napoli. Reports have centered on a previously unknown hip condition that could sink any deal. The Seattle Mariners have already backed off their pursuit of Napoli because of concerns over the hip. The Red Sox had been trying to insert protective language into the contract—similar to what they did for John Lackey and J.D. Drew—but the team may be backing off from even that level of protection. If the deal falls through, look for the Red Sox to go after still-unsigned Adam LaRoche or (heaven forbid) Nick Swisher.