Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sox Sending LAD $11.7M To Wrap Punto Deal

Punto Deal Details (AP Photo)
Just when you thought you could put the Great Punto Trade in the rear view mirror, one final little detail has to be taken care of. As you no doubt have forgotten, Boston still has to send $11.7 million back to the Dodgers over the next three years to complete the deal. The payments will be made in three installments of $3.9 million each. We can't make this stuff up. Think of it as the "vig" the Red Sox had to pay to unload $250 million in bad payroll. Not to mention the bad karma they unloaded as well. Well worth it, wouldn't you say? A fresh start on the installment plan. Now, if they can start spending some of that big savings on someone—preferably a starting pitcher—younger than 31.