Sunday, December 9, 2012

Gauging Boston's Chances To Land Hamilton

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images
Sadly, the Red Sox do not hold the fate of their 2013 team in their own hands. After overspending on marginal talent, they now must wait and see how others act to determine their own chances at big-ticket free agents like Josh Hamilton. Boston's shot at the one true game-changer on the market is dictated by what happens to the Texas Rangers. After trading Michael Young and losing out on Zack Greinke, Nolan Ryan is now focused on trading for Justin Upton. But according to multiple sources, even if they land Upton, it will not preclude them from also re-signing Hamilton. Suddenly, the Seattle Mariners are also holding up Boston's off-season. Reports suggest that Seattle may be willing to go as long as six years for Hamilton—pushing him out of range for the newly prudent NOG. So, our only hope is for Texas to tap out at Upton and the Mariners to realize how stupid their offer really is. Then, we might sneak in with a 4-year deal with Hamilton. But, we don't really move anymore, we react.