Thursday, December 13, 2012

Bobby Valentine Adds Fuel To The Youkilis Fire

In Happier Times With A Fan
Not content to leave well enough alone, former Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine has likely re-kindled his Kevin Youkilis feud. And, he's done it just as the former Red Sox fan favorite is headed to the Bronx to play for the Pinstriped Posers. On a New York radio station today, Valentine poo-pooed the idea that his Youk comments to Channel 7 led to their feud and Youk's departure. Oh no, Bobby could never take responsibility for anything. So, what does he say? He claims that Youkilis' problems go back to suspicions that he was the "rat" that talked to the Globe's Bob Hohler about 'Chicken And Beer' in the wake of Black September 2011. Wow. Can Bobby V. roil the waters, or what? What a guy!