Thursday, December 13, 2012

32% Of Sox 2012 Payroll Was Wasted On The DL

The "Practice" Of Medicine
As the Red Sox struggle to explain why Mike Napoli—after ten days—is still not officially a member of the team, it's interesting to note than nearly one-third of the team's 2012 payroll went down the sinkhole of the disabled list. As pointed out by's Alex Speier, this created a double-whammy on the Sox. First, they obviously lost nearly 1800 player-days to injury. Second, they lost the financial flexibility to make replacement moves. Of course, this ownership group has been vexed by a sub-par medical and conditioning record—almost since the day they carpet-bagged their way into town. Even after multiple re-shufflings of the medical and conditioning staffs, they still can't seem to shake the disproportionate injury bug. So, it should come as no surprise that they are being extra cautious with Napoli—likely writing in contract language similar to the safeguards they got on J.D. Drew and John Lackey. Good!