Monday, November 12, 2012

Will Jerry Sands Be The Surprise Of Sox Camp?

Like Sands Through 'Our' Glass?
I can hear you all out there....Jerry who? Jerry Sands was one of the 'players to be named later' in the Grand Nick Punto Deal. The 25-year old right-handed power hitter has had an up and down couple of years with the Dodgers—shuttling between the big club and the best-named AAA team in baseball (The Isotopes). He's projected to be either a first baseman or a corner outfielder who has the potential (there's that word again) to reach 25-30 home run power. He had a hot second half in Albuquerque, but Dodger manager Don Mattingly never trusted him enough to fill the James Loney void (which we came to know all too well). But, the kid could have a break-out Spring in Fort Myers and compete for a spot on the roster. There is also the rumor that he and Mauro Gomez could be a first-base platoon that would obviate any need to go out and get an Adam LaRoche or a Mike Napoli. In any event, keep an eye on Sands in February—he could become a major sleeper from that blockbuster deal.