Monday, November 12, 2012

REPORT: Red Sox Are Still In On Mike Napoli

AP Photo
Despite earlier reports that Mike Napoli wants to mostly catch next year, the Red Sox are apparently doing their due diligence on the 31-year old anyway. With three catchers currently on the roster (Salty, Lavarnway and newly-signed David Ross), another catcher seems a little superfluous. Even if Boston trades one of the current three backstops, that still leaves Napoli as primarily a first baseman (with perhaps a little bit of DH'ing thrown in). How does this move make sense? Napoli does have Fenway-friendly right-handed power and is a disciplined hitter, but he turned in a less than overwhelming .227/.343/.863 line last year. He was hurt some, but how does that make a 31-year old more attractive? And, his defense at first is marginal at best. Very curious!