Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Will Ellsbury Be Trade Bait At GM Meetings?

Headed Out Of Beantown?
As the GM meetings begin today in Palm Springs, California, speculation is rife about another big trade by the Red Sox. After Ben Cherington stunned the baseball world with The Great Nick Punto Trade, anything and everything seems to be on the table. The centerpiece of most tongue-wagging is Jacoby Ellsbury—who will hit a Boras-inspired free agency at the end of 2013. It might be prudent to at least explore the possibility of dealing Jacoby this off-season rather than lose him outright next off-season. Past rumors have focused on a Texas deal that would bring shortstop Elvis Andrus to Boston. The Rangers have a young prospect about ready to move to The Show in Jurickson Profar, and once Josh Hamilton flees they'll need an outfielder. Anyway, be prepared for another potential blockbuster trade in the next few days.