Friday, November 23, 2012

REPORT: Nick Swisher Being Eyed By Red Sox

US Presswire
One of the most unlikable of all the Pinstriped Posers—Nick Swisher—is being targeted by the Red Sox. The outfielder, who turns 32 on Sunday, brings with him a career .256 batting average over nine seasons. His career OBP is .361. He has spent the last four years with the Evil Ones. What is really troubling is Swisher's post-season record—not that we're getting close to the playoffs with the team we've assembled so far this off-season. Anyway, the SwishMeister posts a pathetic .169 batting average in what Bill Parcells would call "tournament" games, with an anemic .283 OBP. Suffice it to say he's more like Missed October than Mr. October. How about his temperament—is it suited to Boston? Listen to his whining after he heard some grief from the faithful at The Concrete Bunker On 161st Street and you decide:

“Sometimes I’m a sensitive guy. Some of the things people say, they get under your skin a little bit. I’m one of those guys that you give me a hug and I’ll run through a brick wall for you."

Oh, great. I don't know about you, but I never liked the guy.