Friday, November 23, 2012

Red Sox Refusing To Give Napoli Fourth Year

Another Over-30 To Boston?
A report by ESPN's Jim Bowden claims that free agent 1B/DH/C Mike Napoli is holding out for a four-year deal in his negotiations with the Red Sox. In our view, this is a "disciplined" position by BenCher and the Sox—Napoli does not deserve a four-year term with his age and history. The 31-year old played in only 108 games last year—and has never played in more than 140 over his seven-year career. And, his career .259/.356/.507/.863 splits are not exactly awe-inspiring. Napoli is negotiating off of one decent year (2011), when he hit over .300 and produced at a high level (Geek translation: 5.6 WAR). But even then, he only played in 113 games with 369 at-bats. The Red Sox should hold off on giving this guy anything more than three years.