Saturday, November 10, 2012

Killer "Bs" Will Be A Protected Species In Trades

Xander Bogaerts
While it's highly likely that the Red Sox will engage in one or more big trades this off-season, four guys you probably will not see going out of town are—for lack of a better term—the Killer Bs (Xander Bogaerts; Jackie Bradley, Jr.; Bryce Brentz; Matt Barnes). These four are the core of what BenCher likes to call "the next great Red Sox team". Bogaerts is a potential world-class shortstop, Bradley might makes us forget about Ellsbury in center, Brentz is a power-hitting corner outfielder and Barnes is a legitimate top of the rotation stud. Luckily, the farm system is deeper than it was in recent times—thanks partly to the haul from The Great Nick Punto Trade—so there are other valuable trade chips in the system. But, these Core Four are more than likely here to stay.