Monday, November 26, 2012

John Henry Meets With Napoli Over Weekend

The 'Iroquois/Albatross' At Sail
Now that Liverpool is safely planted in 11th place in the English Premier League (having won 3 whole games out of 13), John Henry apparently needs a new binky. As the Globe's Nick Cafardo reports, the former Forbes List Billionaire has been fixated on obtaining Mike Napoli since last September. To confirm this obsession, Henry (along with BenCher and John Farrell) met with the free agent 1B/DH/C over the long holiday weekend in Boston. We can't confirm it, but can't you just imagine the Red Sox principal owner wooing Napoli on his yacht "The Iroquois"—rumored to be re-named "The Commodities Trading Albatross"? A lovely sight!