Monday, November 26, 2012

Globe's Cafardo To Sox: Get Hamilton Or Mauer!

Big Ticket Options For Sox
In a refreshing departure from the normally conservative orientation of Boston's mainstream sports media, the Globe's Nick Cafardo is urging the Red Sox to make a "big splash" by getting either Josh Hamilton (via free agency) or Joe Mauer (via trade). In his signature Sunday baseball column, Cafardo acknowledges that 'The Nation' is—at best—tepid on the moves made so far by BenCher. He is right. Whether it's Hamilton, Mauer or another blockbuster deal that turns this team back into a contender, something big needs to get done. But, given the state of the roster on November 26, 2012—we need a lot more than just a big bat. For example: an impact starter to insert in the middle of the rotation (e.g., Anibal Sanchez), a credible solution at first base (not  Napoli/Swisher/Loney/Pena), a solid, younger outfield option (e.g., Justin Upton not Swisher/Gomes) and some kind of solution to the shortstop conundrum. As Cafardo points out, since Nomar departed in mid-2004, the following players have manned the position: Cabrera, Renteria, Gonzalez, Lowrie, Lugo, Green, Scutaro, Iglesias and Aviles. If BenCher has no confidence in Iglesias' ability to hit, then move on until Xander Bogaerts is ready. But, make the decision! Prudence and discipline should not result in gridlock and indecision.