Friday, October 12, 2012

More Reports That Sox Owners Looking to Bail

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Despite nearly daily denials by Red Sox Principal owner John Henry, reports continue to circulate that the mercurial billionaire is looking to unload the team—or at least pieces of it. The latest report comes from FOX Business, which cites "rival baseball owners" stating that Fenway Sports Group (the holding company that technically owns the Sox) is considering selling off pieces to investors. The report suggests that Henry is losing big bucks (or should we say "big pounds") with the suddenly pathetic Liverpool soccer club (1-3-3, 14th place in the English Premier League). The Red Sox are viewed as—at best—a break-even proposition these days. Thank goodness for NESN and it's over-the-top vanity programming or else Henry might be in real trouble. In the real world, his investment company's key fund is reportedly down more than 11% this year. Don't be shocked if the NOG is history in a couple of years—selling off the Carmine Hose for north of $1.5 billion.