Friday, October 12, 2012

Each Red Sox Win In 2012 Cost $2.5 Million

Forty Percent Of One Red Sox Win
We can now add another moniker to the 2012 Red Sox: most inefficient team in major league baseball. According to an analysis by Business Insider, Boston spent $2.5 million for each of its 69 wins this past season—slightly more  than Philadelphia ($2.2 million) or The Evil Ones ($2.1 million) had to pay. The upstart "MoneyBall—II" Oakland A's spent only $600,000 for each of their 94 wins—76.5% less than the Red Sox. And the surprise team of the American League East—the Baltimore Orioles—shelled out only $900,000 per win.  The Red Sox payroll will dip some next season, and since they will likely surpass the 70-win threshold, this "inefficiency" crown should fall from their heads in 2013.