Friday, October 26, 2012

Adam LaRoche May Be Off The Market Soon

Jonathan Newton/ Washington Post
The fact that Adam LaRoche is the most desirable first base option for the Red Sox says a lot about the market and the team. But now, it looks like LaRoche is well on his way to re-signing with the Washington Nationals. According to a report by the Washington Post's Adam Kilgore, the Nats and LaRoche are continuing to discuss a new long-term contract and, ominously, the sides are "working toward an agreement." Those tea leaves aren't too hard to read. So, barring a creative trade, Boston is left with a mishmash of unappealing choices like Lance Berkman, Eric Hinske, Aubrey Huff, Casey Kotchman, Carlos Lee, Xavier Nady, Lyle Overbay, Nick Swisher, Carlos Pena, and Ty Wigginton. Ya, no kidding. So, they may have to overpay for Mike Napoli or grudgingly bring back James Loney. Of course, the White Sox have some guy who can also play third in a pinch. Never mind.