Wednesday, September 26, 2012

World Baseball 'Classic' Again Poaches On MLB

Do you want the bad news or the bad news? Actually, that's far too negative—there is one good thing about the 2013 World Baseball Classic. Red Sox fans no longer care what impact it will have on Daisuke Matsuzaka. Yet another round of this pointless tournament will be foisted on baseball fans this Spring—in venues as far-flung as Japan, Taiwan, Puerto Rico, Phoenix and San Francisco. This monstrosity starts on March 2nd—right after the start of Spring Training—and ends on March 19th at AT&T Park in San Francisco. So, players from virtually every team will be flying all over creation to compete for their respective national teams—when they should be training with their MLB clubs. The season will again be skewed by injury just so Japan can—for the third time—be anointed the phony "World Champion". Ridiculous.