Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Eric Gagne Alleges 80 Percent Dodger HGH Use

Eric Gagne (Getty Images)
Former Red Sox pitcher Eric Gagne, who has admitted using performance enhancing drugs during his career, alleges that 80% of his Dodger teammates used HGH during his tenure there. Gagne spent eight years with the Dodgers on teams that included a bevy of super-stars who may now come under suspicion of PED use. In his Cy Young year alone (2003), the LA roster was brimming with big names. While Gagne does not "name names" in his new book (Game Over: The Story of Eric Gagne) only time will tell whether players on those teams will get dragged into the PED mess with these allegations. In Gagne's one stint with the Red Sox (the 2007 championship season), he pitched just 18.2 innings with a 6.75 ERA. To get Gagne, Boston gave up David Murphy—who has turned into a solid .286 career hitter (308 with 14 HRs this year).