Friday, September 14, 2012

Sox Dole Out Bread & Circuses At Season's End

Pay No Attention To The Record
You've got hand it to Red Sox PR Guru Dr. Charles Steinberg. He probably would have described the desperate flare signals from the Titanic as "a final commemorative fireworks display". As the apocalyptic 2012 season draws to a close on September 25th and 26th, the Red Sox will unveil two—count 'em—two "tributes". First, all uniformed members of the 2004 World Championship team will be invited back to Fenway for the 'key' eighth anniversary of their feat. Second, the Sox will also unveil the "All Fenway Team"—culled from the votes of fans, historians, and team staff. So, pull out your Pink Handkerchiefs and enjoy. Hopefully, all of this will sustain you through the upcoming nuclear winter. Keep your eye on the shiny, spinning ball.