Monday, September 3, 2012

NOG Hammered Again By Fans...Of Liverpool!

John Henry sent out another mea culpa email the other day—with a lot of verbiage Red Sox fans would recognize. The problems is, it was sent to fans of the Liverpool soccer team (you know, the sport where you can't use two of the useful appendages that evolution has generously given to humans). Mr. Henry stated:

"I am as disappointed as anyone. The ethos is to win. We will invest to succeed. But we will not mortgage the future with risky spending. No one should doubt our commitment to the club."

Wow. He could have just "cut-and-pasted" that from his earlier email to all of us! Apparently, there is some tempest in a teapot over fired managers, bad transfer window (American English: trade deadline) transactions, or some such nonsense. Who really cares? At least today (in Seattle) he's paying attention to baseball.