Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sox Are Number One Charitable Giver In MLB

Say what you will about the New Ownership Group of the Boston Red Sox (and we do say a lot), the club's charitable arm—The Red Sox Foundation—is the most generous in all of major league baseball. Since landing on Yawkey Way in 2002, the foundation has donated over $52 million dollars to the community—more than double what they pledged to do over their first ten years. The NOG should be highly praised by everyone in The Nation for this part of their legacy in Boston. In 2010, the Red Sox Foundation gave $7.6 million to various charities—while the New York Yankees Foundation gave away $3.6 million that same year. Just to remind you, the Evil Ones have revenues that top $400 million annually—while the Sox chime in at about $300 million. While charitable giving is not based on revenue, it's still good to know that we beat the Pinstriped Posers at good stuff like this. So, no matter how frustrating the NOG can be on the baseball side, we can be proud of our ownership for their financial commitment to our community.