Friday, August 3, 2012

SnitchGate II—'As The Dysfunction Turns'

SnitchGate II Grips Nation
The only question left is this: "Is the Josh Beckett 'Beer And Chicken' snitch the same player as the Bobby Valentine 'Nice Inning, Kid' Will Middlebrooks snitch?" Inquiring minds want to know. A day after the Red Sox manager volunteered that a player went behind his back to ownership to drop a dime on him, the drama deepened. Bobby V. admitted it was stupid to air the episode on the radio, Will Middlebrooks said he was cool with the remark, and ownership admitted it all, in fact, did happen. Tune in tomorrow and find out if:

• Bobby and Will reconcile on Red Sox This Week with Jenny Dell acting as intermediary;
• The Snitch continues his devious ways by ratting out Pedro Ciriaco as being 47 years old;
• John Henry reveals that he was actually against hiring Bobby Valentine in the first place.

On the next episode of "As The Dysfunction Turns".