Wednesday, August 15, 2012

MLB Umpires Deserve A Little Perspective

MLB Umpire Dale Scott After Incident
It's become fashionable lately to trash MLB umpires as spotlight-hoarding under-performers. Truth be told, we've even indulged in that narrative from time to time here at FenwayNation. But, in fact, umpires get the calls right almost all of the time—whether it's balls and strikes or fair/foul plays. Be honest, how many times have you moaned about a pitch call, seen the 'pitch zone' replay, and grudgingly admitted that the ump was right? These guys are held to an extremely high standard by MLB, and—for the most part—they pass with flying colors. They have grueling schedules, are not paid anywhere near what players get, and hardly ever see their families from February through October. On top of all this, they occasionally get absolutely creamed by a foul ball. Recently, umpire Dale Scott was rocked so hard he had to leave the game with a concussion (see video here) and take some time off. Compared to the whining, entitled bunch of malcontents we are dealing with in the Red Sox clubhouse this year, umps are the model citizens of baseball.