Monday, August 27, 2012

Gonzo: Green Monster Took My Power Away

Gonzo's Nemesis? (FN Photo)
Adrian Gonzalez did not want to leave Boston. In fact, in an interview with the Los Angeles Times yesterday, he stated, "I never thought about wanting to leave Boston". Having said that, A-Gon did lament what he perceived as the Boston media's dislike for his "calm" demeanor. "I won't throw my helmet, I won't scream, I won't use bad words if I strike out. That's what they want over there", he stated.

But, the most distasteful part of the interview was Gonzalez claiming that the 37-foot high wall in left robbed him of his power:  "What took my power away was the Green Monster. I used to hit line drives that way and they would be doubles. That took away five home runs from me last year. So I would have had 32." Come on, Gonzo. Weren't we told that you had a swing made for Fenway—where "oppo" HRs would fly out of the old ballpark off your bat? Not a good way to repair whatever fences need repairing in the Hub.