Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Canseco Claims Time Travel Through Dreams

OK, I admit this is an unusual headline. But, come on, Jose is an unusual guy—always has been. After tantalizing his TWITTER followers with: "Yes time travel is possible. Will explain later.", Jose  posted a rambling, extensive article detailing his Emmet Brown-like exploits. Essentially, he claims that he 'time-travels' subsonsciously—in a kind of 'dream state'. Perhaps the most bizarre episode involves former Red Sox GM Dan Duquette. Canseco claims to have traveled back in time to confront Duquette over his limited playing time with the Red Sox. Duquette inexplicably replies:

 “If you want to play, go get me vanilla Dippin’ Dots with chocolate syrup on them.” 

After Canseco fulfills the request, Duquette continues to deny him time off the pine. Of course, as wacky as this is, Jose does not claim to be able to 'will himself invisible' as another Red Sox player (Wade Boggs) believed. Yikes!