Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Nation Turns Its Lonely Eyes To BenCher

The Nation Awaits
What Ben Cherington does before 4PM Eastern today will go a long way toward determining how fans will view the balance of the 2012 season. Will Boston be "buyers" and make a big deal to upgrade the roster for a Wild Card run? Will they be "sellers", jettisoning the flotsam and jetsam of the outfield and bullpen and signal another Bridge Year? Or will they simply stand pat, making one or two minor moves to tweak things around the edges? It appears that Josh Beckett will be walking through that door tonight. So will Cody Ross. Maybe not Kelly Shoppach and Matt Albers. So, we'll guess 'Door Number Three'—minor moves like dealing Shoppach, Albers and Miller. We'll get back minor prospects and allow Ryan Lavarnway to finally move into The Show. The Red Sox are what they are—and what they'll stay: a mediocre team.